ECO Platform

ECO Platform is a platform founded by the Construction Products Europe, whose main purpose is to ensure environmental performance harmonization of building materials with the EN 15804 norm through EPD documents. Süratam Sustainability Services has been a member of the ECO Platform since 2018.

The International EPD® System

The International EPD System is the world’s first and longest operational non-profit EPD programme for type III environmental declarations according to ISO 14025. SÜRATAM Sustainability Services, is the regional executive of The International EPD® System and is the only authorized registration institution in Turkey for internationally approved ISO 14025 and EN 15804 compliant EPD documents.

Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL)

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is an independent, non-profit research organization owned by a foundation jointly established by the Swedish government and Swedish industry sector.

JRC European Commission (EPLCA)

JRC launched the European Lifecycle Assessment Platform (EPLCA) to increase the availability of quality-assured lifecycle data, methods and assessments.

Life Cycle Initiative (UNEP LCI)

The UNEP Lifecycle Initiative aims to promote worldwide lifecycle thinking and facilitate knowledge exchange with over 2000 experts worldwide and four regional networks on different continents.

Swedish Life Cycle Center (SLCC)

The Swedish Lifecycle Center is a center dedicated to the implementation and advancement of lifecycle thinking in industry and other parts of society.

Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI)

The Sustainability Forum by Lifecycle Innovation is the first and foremost community organization that aims to serve its members and the global lifecycle community.

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